The glories of Sri Madan Mohan

The Sri Madan Mohan temple is at about 200 meter distance from the Sri Sri Radha Madhava temple. This is how Madan Mohan has come there:
The Nilagiri king's mother was  devotee, so the king brought a Madan Mohan deity from Vrindavan, then they engaged in his worship. Once a festival was held, on which all the deities of the whole area would meet for a few days, the deities came by bullock cart, palanquin or other manners. They were all worshiped and kirtan was performed.
On that occasion also the king's deity Madan Mohan came there. When the festival was over, all the deities went back to their respective places, and so also Madan Mohan. When they crossed a small road in the village Khantapara, suddenly Madan Mohan became very heavy, and his carriers had to put him down. They took little rest, some water, and then tried to pick him up again, but they failed. Then so many villagers assembled there and tried to help, but all of them together also failed to lift up Madan Mohan. So they informed the king. The king sent very strong men, horses and elephants, but even they failed to lift up Madan Mohan. So the king understood, maybe Madan Mohan doesn't like to come back to their palace, it may be his desire to stay here. So he announced in the village, "If anyone is here who wants to invite Madan Mohan, please come forward, if the Lord wants he will stay here." After hearing Nilagiri king's words many thousands people from all the villages around came there, offered their obeisances to Madan Mohan and prayed to him to accept their service. There was an old brahmin couple living just next to the place where Madan Mohan had stopped. The wife of the old brahmin told to her husband, "Madan Mohan is right in front of our house since 2 or 3 days. All are coming and praying to get his service. Please, you also go and pray to him." But he scolded her, "This is the king's deity, when even the king failed to serve him properly, then what about us! We are even unable to nicely feed ourselves." But his wife insisted, so the old brahmin went to Madan Mohan and offered his prostrated obeisances. Then he told, "Oh Madan Mohan, if you are really interested to receive service from such fallen souls like us, then please come" He opened his upper cloth, and Sri Madan Mohan jumped into his lap and embraced him. Everyone was very happy. That is how Madan Mohan came to that place, it was about 10 or 15 years after Radha Madhava were installed, maybe around 1740 A.D. The king also arranged some Land and gave it to the brahmin couple, so they could cultivate vegetables and such for the service of the Lord. Once, when the time for cultivation at the beginning of the rainy season had come, he then prayed to Madan Mohan, "I am old now, I cannot do very much, it is hard work to cultivate the field. If I go to the field, then your worship will stop, and if I perform your worship, then the cultivation of the field will stop. I don't know what to do, oh Lord, please you do as you like. Then he worshiped Madan Mohan and went to sleep. On the next day, when he came in the morning to perform mangal arati, he saw mud in front of the temple and thought, "Maybe some dogs have come here in the night." But when he opened the temple he saw, that Sri Madan Mohan's body was full of mud. He then thought, "Yesterday I prayed to the Lord, it may be that really he himself has gone to the field." So without even performing mangala arati he ran to the field and saw, that the whole field was already cultivated. And in one corner of the field Sri Madan Mohan has stuck his flute in the mud as a sign, that he has done that.That brahmin was a pure devotee, and so, whenever he saw any nice fruit or vegetable somewhere, he thought it should be offered to Madan Mohan. Once when he was walking in a nearby village, he saw a field with very nice spinach. Desiring to get some of it for offering to Madan Mohan he begged the owner of the field, "Please give some of that nice spinach for offering to Lord Madan Mohan." But the owner refused and chastised the brahmin in many ways, he also told him, "You are a beggar, and are using the Lord's name. If really Madan Mohan has sent you, they why is he himself not coming here to take the spinach?" The devotee brahmin did not argue with him, he was simply sad and returned to his house. On the next day, when the owner of that spinach field came outside, he could not find a single leaf there anymore. The field was also protected by a nice boundary. Thus he was astonished and thought, "Maybe a bull has come and destroyed everything? But he could not find any hoof-prints of a bull. But then he saw a few spinach leaves on the ground, and after some distance again a few. So he followed the way shown by the spinach leaves, until he came to the Madan Mohan temple, that was situated about 3 kilometers from his own house. He just arrived when the door was opened for mangal arati, and to everyone's astonishment Lord Madan Mohan was holding some spinach leaves in his hand. Since that day, so many people from all the villages around are sending some spinach, rice, fruits, and whatever nice things were produced on their fields for the service of Madan Mohan on some special occasions in the year.
Madan Mohan also likes to visit other places. When in one of the 40-50 villages around any function is performed in a house, be it a marriage, spiritual festival, or whatever function, then they would invite Madan Mohan to that place, even until now. The Lord comes there on a palanquin, accompanied by devotees with kirtan. There he receives worship and offerings of bhoga, and after the festival he would return to his temple. Once also the landlord, whose palace was near the Radha Madhava temple, invited Madan Mohan to come to his place for a 5 days festival. He told to return the deity after the festival to the devotee brahmin. But when the festival was over, he did not return the deity. When the old brahmin inquired from him, he told him in a kingly manner, "Madan Mohan will stay here, I will build a new temple for him. See your condition, you are very poor, you cannot serve the Lord nicely." Unable to to anything, the devotee brahmin returned to his house. On the same day the king had a dream, Madan Mohan came to him and told, "If you nicely want to enjoy with your family for a long time, then return me to that place from where you have taken me, otherwise I will destroy everything here!"  When the king woke up, fearing, he immediately arranged for Madan Mohan to go back to his temple and kept him there.
Now the descendants of that brahmin couple are continuing the service of Madan Mohan. Some years ago, when the Lord stayed in the brahmin's house, the straw-roof of the house had a hole, through which sun-rays would fall on Madan Mohan's body. And how wonderful, when it was raining, the rain did not come through that hole. But thinking that the roof should not have a hole, anyhow it was repaired and closed. But after some days the hole appeared again in the same place.
This are the pastimes of Madan Mohan, which are going on also now. He is always there, patiently waiting to see his devotees. If you come to take his darshan you will see, how his face is different on every day, sometimes smiling, sometimes angry, sometimes lika a child, he has so many moods. Especially on the occasion of chandan yatra he shining brilliantly with great effulgence and looks very beautiful. He is the king of the chandan yatra. Madan Mohan and also Radha Madhava are together going there to enjoy the chandan yatra.
Jaya Radha Madhava Jaya Madana Mohana.