Kunjabihariju saves his dedicated servant

At the Radha Kunjabihari temple an old brahmacari, a disciple of Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaj named Vrindavan Prabhu, had been living. He was a very simple person, and also illiterate. He used to go for begging rice, vegetables and small donations from house to house, and always offered everything to the in-charge of the temple. He never kept anything for himself. He also did a variety of services, and always chanted harinama nicely. Once he suffered from severe brain-malaria, and different doctors failed to cure him. So the peolpe said, oh - okay - he will die... not caring much. Then one day a beautiful boy, with a blackish complexion, came to Vrindavan Prabhu, gave him a root and told him, "You are suffering, take this medicine and keep it under your tongue, tomorrow morning you will be healthy." Vrindavan Prabhu asked, "Who are you?" "It doesn't matter who I am, just have faith in me, you will cure." Saying so, the boy left. Following his instruction, Vrindavan Prabhu was cured from his disease over night. The other devotees were astonished to hear what had happened, and some disbelieved. He showed them the ayurvedic root, which Kunjabihari had given him, as a proof.